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Reading the Bible

Reading Scripture regularly is perhaps the most important discipline you can develop in your life. It is how we know God, because God has revealed himself to us not only in creation but through the unique story of the Bible. It is a story of laws, poems, genealogies, and narrative. One moment it can seem profound with meaning and a few pages later seem archaic and tedious. It is the story of life, from beginning to end. In its pages and stories we find our origins, our human nature, and the one who rescues us when we discover Jesus.

We wish to offer you resources for reading the Bible. We believe the Bible should not be read in isolation, but read in community with other believers. It should also be read not simply to accumulate information, but to hear the God’s Spirit speaking through the text. We read the Bible together as a catalyst to shift our hearts, move our feet and hands, and refocus our eyes on Jesus.

Bible reading plans

These are daily reading plans organized to help you read the through the entire Bible step by step. Often the best way is not just to start at the beginning and start reading. These plans can help guide you through your Bible reading in ways that make sense.

Read Scripture is a mobile app which includes a great Bible reading plan, as well as short videos (produced by The Bible Project), podcasts, and other resources to aid in reading Scripture. The reading plan follows a slightly different orientation in the Old Testament, tracking closer to a reading of the Hebrew Bible. This beautifully designed app is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

You version

This web-based Bible reading plan is embedded into their app, Holy Bible™, which can be downloaded across various platforms. YouVersion is available in many different translations of the Bible, many of which also have an audio feature, which allows you to listen to the Bible read to you through your mobile device or computer. YouVersion also allows you to download the entire Bible in your preferred translation for offline reading. The app can be downloaded from the You Version Bible App website.

The Navigators

The Navigators are a discipleship ministry helping people grow in their relationship with Jesus since 1933. The Navigators provide three different downloadable Bible reading plans (in PDF format) which can be printed off if you prefer reading from a Bible and using a pen and paper reading plan. The Discipleship Journal plan reads through Bible in a year but offers readings for 4 different parts of the Bible each day and only reads 25 days a month to allow you to miss days and still feel caught up with the plan. They also have plans for reading through the New Testament and a book of the Bible at a time.

Bible Gateway

This online Bible reference website has Bible reading plans that can be followed through their website or emailed to your inbox every day with links to your daily reading plan. Find out more information and sign up for daily emails on the Bible Gateway reading plans page.


Anyone who has ever attempted to read the Bible has discovered the most challenging part is not just the complexity and length of the text, but developing the discipline to read daily. Perhaps one of the best tools we can offer you as a church is a spiritual accountability group which will journey with you through the joys and struggles of reading the Word of God. Information about how, when, and where to join an accountability group can be found on the Adult Ministires page.

Bible Reading Resources

The following resources are websites we use on a regular basis to help us understand the Bible. We hope they will be useful for you.

This is a ministry of pastors and trained lay leaders who respond to many questions people have about God, Scripture, salvation, and other spiritual topics. They are Christian, Protestant, evangelical, theologically conservative, and non-denominational. After reading several of their responses to questions, it is clear that the Bible is their rule for life and they seek to help people understand it better.

The Bible Project

The Bible Project provides you with a seminary level education packaged in compelling 5-10 minute animated videos. We would highly recommend watching one of overview videos before embarking on reading any book of the Bible. They also have created series videos which address major themes and titles in Scripture. These videos are very much worth your time. In addition to the videos, the Bible Project has created free downloadable full page graphics which accompany their videos. These can be printed off as a place to capture your notes and remind you at a glance of the overview of Scripture.

RightNow Media

First Baptist Church maintains a subscription to RightNow Media which has thousands of media resources for helping you study the Bible and live the life of a follower of Jesus. Contact us to get setup with access to this resource.